About Us

They say that getting a job is all about who you know; about getting your foot in the door. And it’s true. So instead of applying to hundreds of jobs and becoming another anonymous resume in a pile, Venturocket introduces job seekers to the actual hiring managers or recruiters who have the jobs they want. This is done in a casual and informal way based on skills and experience, much like a dating site.

If the job seeker and hiring manager or recruiter say they want to connect with one another, then they’ll both get each other’s direct contact info. For employers, this is a great way to do some initial face-to-face screening before reviewing the candidate’s full application; for the job seeker, this is a huge step ahead of the competition.

Applying to thousands of jobs at random isn’t only exhausting, it’s psychologically taxing. With Venturocket, we’re removing the anonymity and randomness of the usual job application process, and putting a face to the name.

With Venturocket, we’re helping you get your foot in the door so you can venture forth™ and launch your career.

The Team

Marc Hoag
CEO & Co-Founder

Marc is a California-licensed attorney with an econ degree from UCLA and a strong background in math, science, and classical piano. He actually can't live without his iPhone, quotes Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson a little too frequently, is addicted to Quora and Y Combinator's Hacker News, absorbs The Economist weekly, loves skiing at Sugar Bowl in Tahoe, and needs to be placed in direct sunlight.

Derek Gould
CWO & Co-Founder

Derek's exploits in software engineering and web development and design from a very early age inspired him to pursue Computer Science ultimately landing at Cal Poly Pomona. He’s been known to strike the keys, strings and heads of various instruments on a regular basis as well as building said instruments in certain cases. When he's not coding or jamming, he's spending as much time as possible riding the swells on his surfboard and looks best soaked in salt water.

Joe Linn
Chief Engineer & Co-Founder

Joe earned his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and has been building, tinkering with, programming, occasionally breaking, and subsequently fixing computers and other electronic devices from a very young age. He has been an unrepentant guitar addict for more than half of his life, and shows no willingness to shed this affliction. Additionally, he enjoys running (especially on trails), and eating copious quantities of sushi. He sounds best when turned up to eleven.

Ryan Lum
Senior Vice President, Design

Ryan’s passion for marketing, advertising and design led him to earning his bachelor’s degree at San Diego State University. He designed his first website at the ripe age of 14 and has been doing design ever since. He didn’t get skewered at the Running of the Bulls in Spain. His favorite song is the one you just listened to. He enjoys surfing, rock climbing, guitar, and bucket listing.